How to make real estate success happen…

If you’re reading this because you think there’s some kind of “secret sauce” you can stop reading now. Real estate investing isn’t a magic bullet to the life of your dreams. Can real estate investing get you to the life of your dreams… yes, absolutely. And there’s a good chance that it can get you […]

Sell your Seattle real estate for cash

Handing Over Cash For House Keys and Short Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Home.

Have you been tracking this Seattle real estate market? If you have… you know that things are HOT. Values are rising, and a nice house that hits the market will usually sell within days. That’s all great if you’re looking for a conventional sale… and maybe you are. The only problem with conventional Seattle real […]

Real estate investing day to day structure for success


One of the most interesting things that I hear from other people is how they structure their days.  That is how the successful people that you or I want to be like, how they structure their days. I was recently listening to the book The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday, a very good […]

The AL Report Jan. Seattle Investors Club: Bandit Signs

AL's latest project - SOLD!

Welcome to THE ‘AL’ REPORT. My name is AL. Here’s my report. Topic: The Fine Art of Using Bandit Signs…or…What I Wish I Knew When We Were Starting Out Presenter: Joe Bauer This meeting marks the first anniversary of our meetings of the FortuneBuilders Mastery Seattle Investing Club. We began our second year with a […]

The AL Report Dec Seattle Investors Club

Dan Wick's recent rehab project

Topic: How to Determine ARV Using Online Real Estate Sites Presenter: Julie Clark of In City Homes The eighth FortuneBuilders Mastery Seattle Investing Club meeting gathered at the Shoreline Conference Center. Coach Joe Bauer and Mastery student, Julie Clark, organized it. Thank you for all you do! I counted 19 present with seven first time […]