How to start making money ASAP in real estate, co-wholesaling


This might be the easiest strategy for making money with real estate investing. It’s called co-wholesaling. First, are you familiar with what wholesaling is? Just in case you don’t know what wholesaling is… Wholesaling is essentially finding a property that’s for sale at a good price. A good price is a price that a person […]

How to make real estate success happen…

If you’re reading this because you think there’s some kind of “secret sauce” you can stop reading now. Real estate investing isn’t a magic bullet to the life of your dreams. Can real estate investing get you to the life of your dreams… yes, absolutely. And there’s a good chance that it can get you […]

10 things I wish I knew before starting real estate investing

Have fun.  Keep balance.

1. Rental properties suck money. Even though it seems like buying rental properties is the way to wealth, it only works if you have a good income coming in from another source. If you’re like me, one of the first books that you read about real estate investing and wealth building was Rich Dad Poor […]

Real estate investing day to day structure for success


One of the most interesting things that I hear from other people is how they structure their days.  That is how the successful people that you or I want to be like, how they structure their days. I was recently listening to the book The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday, a very good […]

The AL Report March Seattle Investors Club: Insurance for Investors

Mike Englund

Topic:  Insurance for Investors/ New Products/ New Attitudes Presenter:  Mike Englund, Fournier Insurance Solutions, Tacoma WA Location:  Shoreline Conference Center ================================================================== Welcome to THE ‘AL’ REPORT.  My name’s AL — Here’s my report. A record 33 attended including several new people! * 4pm  Mingling, and vital business networking * 4:45pm  Joe began with ‘Needs and […]