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Don’t you hate how hard it is to find quality real estate investments in the Seattle area?

I sure do! You have to put out your marketing… which can mean spending hours putting up signs, and after all that work you don’t know if the city is going to be the only one calling with a big fine. I’ve been fined, or had to rush around taking signs down more often than I’d like to admit. Or if you want to play it safe, that could mean writing letter after letter to some list (maybe foreclosures or probates), and spending hundreds of dollars to send the letters before you have any idea if you’ll get any results. If you’ve done this, I know your pain. We’ve done 5 letter, hand written campaigns that have brought us a return of 0. We can help get you past all of these problems…

Because I know the pain of struggling through all of the marketing, and waiting for the phone to ring, and it never rings, or it does ring and you don’t know how to negotiate with the sellers to get a price that makes sense. Because I know how frustrating that can be I’ve come up with a way for you to simple plug into our network, and receive the properties that we find. These properties are almost always 50-60% of market value, have been well researched with comps and repair estimates. So all you have to do is verify the numbers.

Do you know how much easier it is to work with someone who has already done the numbers for you, and you only having to verify them, rather than doing all of that work yourself? This means we’ll present you with how much money you’ll make on each deal.

We provide
* Pictures
* Maps
* Comparable properties
* Repair estimates
* Cash on cash return estimates
* Hard money estimates (how much you’ll make if you borrow money)
* Hard money referrals
* Expert opinion (over 12 years in the industry)

“I want to strongly refer Erik Bee…a guy of strong integrity, great ethics, just a phenomenal person to associate yourself with” -Than Merrill of A&E’s Flip this House and The FortuneBuilders

“Houses will be a better investment than stocks over the long term” -Warren Buffet

I know that a lot of you are looking for rental properties that are going to provide you with passive income, and I can’t blame you. I love passive income! Passive income allows me to travel, bankroll toys (like new cars, and boats), and will ultimately allow me to retire and still collect paychecks. That’s the key to passive income, buying an assets that pays you without you having to actively maintain the assets. Because I know how to leverage this principle, and create passive income by building a rental property portfolio, I will also be presenting you with opportunities for out of state, turn-key rental properties. You might as…

“Why out of state rental properties? Wouldn’t it be best to have your properties local?” Answer: Unfortunately this is how most investors that I run into think, but the truth is that you shouldn’t EVER be managing your own rental properties because if you are, your income isn’t passive. You’ve created a job, and having done that job before, I know it’s not fun! The other reason that you’ll find me buying out of state rental properties is because Seattle plan sucks as a rental market. There are markets around the US that are economically stronger, and provide much higher cash on cash returns.

“If I’m not going to manage these properties, who will?” Answer: Seattle Real Estate Investing would never send you an out of state deal (or referral) that didn’t have a great management company in place. This means that you just analyze the deal, and if it makes sense, you close, and start collecting checks.

“What if I want to start buying rental properties right now?” Answer: This usually isn’t a problem, and I can relate to the urgency. Just make sure you check “yes” to the question that asks if you want to receive out of state deals, and I’ll make sure to put you in touch with my team on the ground right away.

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How often will you send me Seattle real estate deals? Answer: It completely depends on how often we find them, and if you’re qualified to close with hard money or cash.
How much money can I make? Answer: Each property that we get is different, but for our fix and flip properties we make sure you have the opportunity to make at least $20,000.
Where are the deals located? Answer: We find deals all over King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties, including great opportunities all around the US when they present themselves.
I don’t have cash. How can I get qualified with hard money (short term fix & flip) financing? Answer: make sure you fill out the buyers information form below and keep the “Please send me hard money referral” tab checked. From there we will introduce you to our trusted hard money lender who will work on getting your loan approved.