South Seattle Real Estate Investing Special!

South Seattle Rehab

XXX Main ST Seattle WA *Click here to join our buyers list to get property addresses Right off the bat the value of this property is the land. The land by itself is tax assessed for $200,000! The house itself isn’t in great shape, but can easily be rehabbed and put back on the market […]

Driving Comparable Houses in South Seattle

South Seattle Deal

If you’re a new investor and wanting to get into the game you should read this post. As I’ve mentioned before we can and do help new investors get into great real estate deals and make money. Right now we’re driving some South Seattle Comparable houses with an investor whom we’re lining up with a […]

Great South Seattle Real Estate Investment Opportunity!

Potential Profit = $40,200! Click HERE to join our discounted properties buyers list, and receive more info about this property! Total Acquisition Cost: $110,000 (plus buyers closing costs) This house is an ideal quick flip for a seattle real estate rehabber/investor! It’s a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom in South Seattle, WA that’s ready to be […]