Free Real Estate Investing Education Event in Seattle Area

Last night Erik and I attended Than Merrill and the FortuneBuilders real estate event in Lynnwood, WA (about 15-20 mins north of Seattle). This was a free two hour event to help people get started with their real estate education.

As you probably know Erik and I pretty much got started in real estate by going to a FortuneBuilders rehabbing bootcamp over 5 years ago. At that event we learned so much and liked the FortuneBuilders so much that we signed up for the Mastery Program. From that point on we’ve never looked back!

At the event last night we were impressed by the quality of the real estate investing education that was provided for a free event. The speaker was very friendly and non-pushy which we’ve seen from other big time real estate free events.

The other cool thing about the event was that the up sell was to a three day real estate investing education event put on by co-founder Paul Esajain for only $197! This was way less than we were expecting. If I remember right, the first four day event that I went to was around $2,000, so this is a great deal!

There are only a couple more events available in the Seattle area, so if you want to attend hurry and click the link below.

PS we will be attending the three day $197 event in Bellevue if you want to hang. Successful people never stop learning!

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